Blockchain Incorporation

Concept Presentation

RanchiMall as a company has been incorporated on the FLO Blockchain. The incorporation is done by writing the rules of incorporation as flodata.

Incorporation message (Flosight)

Incorporation flodata (Floscout)

Incorporation flodata (Flosight)

Blockchain Contracts

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Blockchain Contracts are at the core of RanchiMall as a company. All our primary products are Blockchain Contracts.

Fixing Smart Contracts : Blockchain Contracts

Introduction to Blockchain Contracts

Guidelines for Management of Blockchain Contracts

FLO Blockchain Contract

Internship Blockchain Contract

Research Blockchain Contract

Web & Walletless architecture

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At RanchiMall we have removed the need for a blockchain wallet to be downloaded locally on a device and in turn, the need to download the whole blockchain locally. Our wallets are pure HTML5 web-based wallets.

FLO Webwallet


Blockchain based data cloud

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RanchiMall has come up with a Blockchain digital signature based cloud storage.

SuperNode Storage

webApp Server

Architecture for FLO based Applications

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Token Transfer System

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We have created the most easy and user friendly Token system on top of the FLO Blockchain.

Natural language based Token system

FLO Data Tester

Token creation

Token transfer

Smart Contract System

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An example of RanchiMall's Smart Contracts.

India Elections creation

India Elections participation

India Elections trigger

Single data Authentication

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All the applications in RanchiMall take single data as user authentication.


Internship Application

Content Collaboration as a sample application

Concept Presentation

Content Collaboration app is a way for anonymous users across the Internet to collaborate and create beautiful articles. These articles are then published on RanchiMall Times.

Content Collaboration

Content Collaboration Code

RanchiMall Times

Connecting with other networks like TOR and TORRENT

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At RanchiMall we strongly believe in anti-censorship. Our products FLO-Twitter and FLO-Whatsapp connect to TOR network and are totally censorship resistant.

FLO Torrent

FLO WhatsApp

WhatsApp, Google and Twitter on the FLO

Concept Presentation

FLO WhatsApp

FLO Twitter

Banking and Financial Applications on FLO

Concept Presentation

FLO Bank

Distributed Exchange: An extension of Local Bitcoins

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Local Bitcoins++ is a decentralized distributed version of the famous peer to peer online exchange.

Local Bitcoins ++

Local Bitcoins ++ Code

FLO LogSheet

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FLO LogSheet is high quality data curated for the public.

FLO Logsheet

FLO Logsheet Code

Labor market using Blockchain

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In India low income daily wage labourers are ample, but most of them don't earn enough to sustain their families because they cannot find people to work for. We, at RanchiMall, plan to connect employers and these workers through a blockchain based system.

FLO Messenger

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FLO Messenger

FLO Messenger Code

Bitcoin Bonds

Concept Presentation

Bitcoin Bonds Proposal

Bitcoin Bonds Holders

ICO Exchange

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RanchiMall Exchange