RanchiMall invites applications for Internship for Projects listed here. All applicants will need to generate their blockchain ID, and then store the private key safely to access our:

The process of applying and Internship is:



  1. Initial Training on Marketing, Actual Project Skills and Blockchain
  2. Applicants have to undergo a test on training
  3. First Task on Marketing, Actual Project Skills and Blockchain
  4. Evaluator Feedback on first task; repeat of first task if standards are not met
  5. Second Task on Marketing, Actual Project Skills and Blockchain
  6. Evaluator and Consumer Feedback on second task; repeat of second task if standards are not met
  7. Third Task on Marketing, Actual Project Skills and Blockchain
  8. Consumer Feedback on task: In this phase the feedback will come from general users on Social Media; if feedback is not good, repeat the third task
  9. Issuance of Competency Certificates to those whose complete third task
  10. Stipend phase, to be selected among certificate holders - Four levels of stipend: Starter, Motivated, Passionate, Self Realized
  11. Anyone who drops out can get participation certificate, indicating till what round he/she reached


Internship phase will begin with regular work on Marketing and Project related assignments


    Starter Rs 2000 per month
    Motivated Rs 5000 per month
    Passionate Rs 7000 per month
    Self Realized Rs 10000 per month

Keep the Private Key very safe. Do not share with anyone.

For any more details, tweet us at @ranchimallflo and we will respond immediately


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NEVER lose your Private Key
NEVER share your Private Key with anyone

Losing your Private Key means losing all the accomplishments, data & money attached to your Internship ID. Private Key once lost can NEVER be recovered. Please store it safely.

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